But I’m too young / too busy / too healthy to think about writing a will!

That may be the case, and we’ve all used those reasons at some time or another to avoid thinking about writing a will.

However another alternative, but by no means a replacement for a will, is to make a funeral plan . Not to be confused with pre-paying for your funeral, a funeral plan clearly states your wishes as to exactly how you would like the time after your death to be. Making such a plan can take pressure and stress away from family, and possibly prevent differences of opinions as to what you would have liked !

If you do have a will, it is wise to refer to your funeral plan in it, and store them together. If the funeral plan is a stand alone document, all you need to do is make sure your close family are aware of its existence.

You are welcome to use the form found on the Mid-England Barrow website to help you to make your funeral plan. You may even decide to choose Mid-England Barrow as your final resting place in the heart of the English countryside.

Please remember, it’s your final time, and anything is possible with a bit of forward planning ! The more information you can put on this form, the more useful it will be to those planning for you, and the more likely you areto have things done the way you would like.

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