What better way to spend a beautiful , sunny spring afternoon !


This afternoon, Una, Wilfred and James from year 5 at The Dassett C of E Primary School in Fenny Compton came along to visit Mid-England Barrow.

The children had been invited to name the three chambers of the barrow, and from a selection of names put forward, Wilfred’s suggestions were chosed : Oak, Willow and Yew.

The children brought along with them Wilfed’s Mum, and head teacher Miss Corry, and we all walked together in the glorious sunshine, along the path to the barrow, where all the guests were shown around the barrow by builder Joby - who has been involved with all four of the barrows built recently.

The children were very interested, and asked all sorts of fitting questions.

The school were also charged with filling a “time capsule” which is being incorperated into the build, and James placed the canister, which contained lego, a picture of an Iphone, some football cards, and a newspaper, among other things. We had an interesting conversation about which item would be the most curious in 100 years time !

TC placement.JPG