Have you ever thought how your nearest and dearest will know what you really want when you die?

Have you ever thought how your nearest and dearest will know what you really want when you die? 

Like most, you may have had a casual chat with friends and family when the subject came up in conversation, or you may have expressed opinions on what other people have done, but do they really know when the time comes?

One family nearly experienced this the hard way. A relative in his late 80s lost his first wife, and mother of his children, at a young age, and she was interred in the local churchyard. After a number of years, he remarried, and remained so for many years until his second wife sadly passed away. This lady was interred in a churchyard in a neighbouring village. He had been a farmer all his life, enjoying rural life and always spoke of a favorite field where he would like his ashes scattered. So when he passed away, it seemed there were three places, where anyone could argue, that his ashes could be placed. Thankfully he had made his wishes clear in his will, but had he not, I can imagine there may have been some difficult decisions to be made between a number of family members.

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to write a will, whether it’s to ensure the best financial plans are made, provisions made for children, or to make sure your wishes are followed, but how many of us actually do it ?

Research states that around 60% of people don’t have a will, and of those that do, a quarter have not been reviewed, so may be out of date, and after all, we do sometimes change our minds !

If your time were to end tomorrow, you are relying upon your family to make decisions for you, and you may just miss the opportunity to have your ashes stored somewhere remarkable like Mid-England Barrow.