Does Farnborough now have Two Historic Attractions?

Farnborough Hall, in the village of Farnborough, Warwickshire was built in 1684, and is a beautiful home and National Trust property, with stunning landscaped gardens. 

Less than 2 miles away, now sits Mid-England Barrow, possibly even built with stone from the same quarry at Horton near Banbury. 

Richard and Sarah, owners of Mid-England Barrow were lucky enough to visit Farnborough Hall last week, (followed by a delicious tea in the village hall afterwards). It feels different to many NT properties, in that the majority of the time, it is a family home.

The grounds are amazing, this tree is just one of the sights to see.



Mid-England Barrow are pleased to announce that once the build is completed, predicted to be during July 2019, open days will be held to tie in with those of Farnborough Hall: each Wednesday and Saturday afternoon until the end of September. That way, visitors to either or both venues can benefit from the tea and cakes served in the village hall in Farnborough without travelling more than a couple of miles.