About the barrow…


The Barrow…

This amazing structure is created entirely from natural resources, using beautiful stone and traditional stonewalling techniques by skilled craftsmen. Each stone is hand shaped to fit each and every spot, covered in soil, grass and wildflowers, giving the Barrow a feeling of tranquility and peacefulness, with an indescribable aura when you enter.

Niches, allowing space for up to 5 urns (sets of ashes), are nestled deep into the walls of the barrow, whilst each ‘owner’ will have a personal and individual secure cover for their niche, whether it is completely sealed, or created so that urns can be seen or touched.

The Barrow is situated in the corner of a field sown with wild flowers, and next to a pond, which attract a plethora of wildlife, birds and butterflies, bees and dragonflies, not to mention our herd of pedigree longhorn cattle grazing the nearby paddocks.

There is ample car parking, with a wheelchair friendly path leading to the Barrow, the route of which has been planted with over 200 trees.

Why not come along to visit the Barrow, and experience the atmosphere for yourself. Every visitor is invited to bring along a written personal message to their loved one which can be placed into our firepit.

Niche covers...

Other than being completely secure, niche covers can be of any material and design, which best suits the life of the person or people whose ashes it is representing. 

Mid-England Barrow source all niche covers from local artists and craftsmen and women, examples of which can be seen at the Barrow. Materials can be glass, stone or metalwork, and the cover can be solid and fixed, or such that an urn can be touched, seen or held.

(To ensure covers are suitable and in keeping with the Barrow, all covers must be sourced through Mid-England Barrow, and accepted by them. We have craftsmen and women who make the covers for us to your design. Exceptions apply to single one year niches.)

Urns / ASHES…

Like the niche covers, urns can be unique to the individual, and can be made of a variety of materials. (please discuss your requirements with Mid-England Barrow, or arrange to supply your own. Conditions apply.)


Mid-England Barrow - An idyllic rural modern-day Round Barrow for the storage of cremation ashes as an alternative to Natural and Woodland Burial. We also provide a unique countryside Funeral venue.