Mid-England Barrow, in the heart of English Countryside, on the borders of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire is an amazing structure created entirely from natural resources by skilled craftsmen. Niches, nestled into the walls, offer spaces for up to 5 urns (sets of ashes) which are then secured by completely personalised covers, made from stone, glass or other material, sourced from local craftsmen and women.

Entrance to the barrow, built with local stone …..

Entrance to the barrow, built with local stone …..

WE STARTED BUILDING on 11th March 2019, the Barrow will be completed by summer 2019. We are planning to hold open days and will post the dates as soon as they have been confirmed. If , however, you are wanting to visit because you are passing, visiting friends or just curious, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

We are taking reservations for the storage of ashes/urns now, please contact us for more details.

Willow chamber view from within ….

Willow chamber view from within ….

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Why not come along to visit the Barrow, and experience the atmosphere for yourself. Every visitor is invited to bring along a personal message to their loved one which can be placed into our firepit.

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What’s more, you can hold a funeral, celebration or ashes placement ceremony at the Barrow, incorporating as much or as little in the way of religion as you choose, taking as much time as you want to. Why not celebrate a life with a picnic, hog roast, or a traditional afternoon tea.


Niche prices start at £500. Celebrations are competitively priced.

Mid-England Barrow - An idyllic rural modern-day Round Barrow for the storage of cremation ashes as an alternative to Natural and Woodland Burial. We also provide a unique countryside Funeral venue.