About us, and how we came to build a round Barrow…


Richard and Sarah are passionate about the countryside and the value it adds to lives in terms of wellbeing both physically and psychologically. There’s probably nothing that can’t be improved by a brisk walk in the fresh air of the countryside.

Richard owned, worked and thoroughly enjoyed a farming life which had been in his family for 3 generations. Sarah, although from a farming family, achieved her childhood dream, and qualified as a nurse in 1990, working her way through the ranks to eventually run her own business assisting and caring for older people.

Richard said ‘Having downsized in term of land capacity, we had a chance meeting with the owners of another round Barrow, and the rest, as they say, is history.’ Sarah added ‘From the moment we saw the Barrow, and the amazing opportunity it offered not only to us, but the local community, we knew it was the venture for us. The Barrow had an unexplainable aura about it, which gave an atmosphere of peace, tranquility and reflection.’

After giving the Barrow wider thought, Richard and Sarah realised how restricted people are in terms of how and where to store the ashes of their loved ones. What could be better than a meaningful final resting place, inspired by ancient burial mounds, handcrafted by skilled artisans, utterly unique, and found nestled in the countryside on the borders of three counties.

Plans then grew, and the landowners decided to offer people the opportunity to hold wakes, funerals, ceremonies and celebrations adjacent to the Barrow, in a ‘safari tent’, a fully equipped, warm structure, utterly in keeping with the surrounding rural location.


Mid-England Barrow - An idyllic rural modern day Round Barrow for the storage of cremation ashes as an alternative to Natural and Woodland Burial. We also provide a unique countryside Funeral venue.