Frequently asked questions.


What am I purchasing? 

You are purchasing the use of a niche for s specified and agreed period of time. This can be anywhere between 1 and 99 years.


Can other ashes be added at anytime during the period stated in my paperwork? 

A second set of ashes can be added at any time (with prior notice) free of charge. Subsequent additions are charged for at a rate depending upon the length of time of the initial agreement AND as long as there is space in the niche.


What’s included? 

The use of the niche (see above), the use of the safari tent for one event, as many visits to the Barrow as you wish (by prior arrangement to ensure access), and the frame for the niche cover.


What’s not included but is essential? 

Each niche owner will need to purchase a niche cover through Mid-England Barrow, and a container for the ashes. This may be an urn or the container provided by the crematorium.


Why does Mid-England Barrow insist upon supplying the niche cover? 

The niche covers must be exactly the right size to fit the niche frame. The niche cover design and material can be chosen by the niche owner. We also need to ensure that niche covers are in keeping with the barrow, and will not be considered inappropriate or offensive to any other customers.


What happens at the end of the agreement? 

It’s entirely up to the individual. Instructions can be left with Mid-England Barrow as to what should be done, or you can choose to scatter here or elsewhere, or renew the niche.


Can I purchase a niche ahead of time? 

Niches can be purchased at any time. The term for one-year niches starts on the date the agreements are signed, or by arrangement, when the ashes are placed. The term for 99-year niches starts when the agreement is signed.


How do I arrange to visit the Barrow? 

You can contact us by email or telephone to arrange to visit the Barrow. We will always do our upmost to accommodate your plans.


How is an urn placed? 

An urn can be placed in a niche during a visit, or an event such as a celebration of life or placement ceremony can be held. 


Do I have to pay to use the safari tent? 

If you are holding an event at Mid-England Barrow which involves provision of food and drinks for over 50 people there will be no charge for the use. On other occasions, a small charge to cover labour to erect the tent will be made. This charge will be in the region of £50. Use of the Barrow for the storage of ashes automatically allows the use of the safari tent once free of charge.


Do we have to use the Barrow to use the safari tent?



How secure is the Barrow? 

The Barrow itself will have a keypad operated locked gate. It will be locked at all times other than when people are inside the Barrow.

The main gate at the entrance to the site is operated by a keypad, and remote opening system when the intercom is used. The site is covered by CCTV.


What happens of Mid-England Barrow Ltd is sold or ceases trading? 

The Barrow is unlikely to be sold, however, it would only be sold as a going concern. If the company ceases trading, the business will have all the usual protection afforded to Limited Companies.


What is direct cremation? 

Direct cremation is where the deceased body is taken directly to the crematorium, where it is cremated without any ceremony or event. It is the cheapest form of cremation (as cremation usually takes place during quieter periods). The ashes are then available for collection, at which time a celebration of life or other event can be held.

Can Human and Animal ashes be Stored Together?

 We are a nation of pet lovers. Around half of all households in the UK own a pet, and I’m sure a number of those owners consider their pets part of the family, after all, a considerable amount of us spend large amounts on treats, holiday accommodation (kennels) and other ‘essential’ items for their animals. It is also becoming more popular for us to want to remain with our pets after death, however, places where this can be done are few and far between.

 At Mid-England Barrow all pet ashes are welcome, whether they be accompanied by their loyal human or not. The pet ashes can be contained with the human ashes, or in a separate mini-urn beside.

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