Funerals with a Difference

Imagine a peaceful place, birds singing, bees and butterflies in abundance, wild flowers moving in the breeze, and fresh countryside air. Now imagine friends and family gathered in a place they know the person would have loved, to share a final celebration of life in the countryside on a working farm.

This is all now possible, and what’s more, our unique barrow, means ashes can be stored, in exactly the same environment.

Funerals or celebrations of life can be held at the Barrow, regardless of whether ashes are to be stored here or not.


At Mid-England Barrow there are a number of funeral options available.

 The following gives a rough guide to those options, with minimum costs associated based upon 50 people attending. Where possible, we have also researched comparison costs from other local venues.

 At Mid-England Barrow we are very happy to ensure each event is tailor-made to suit each individual family, so please do not hesitate to discuss your ideas and wishes with us.


Option 1.

Hold a cremation and service at the crematorium, followed by a memorial or celebration of life at Mid-England Barrow. The event at Mid-England Barrow can be arranged to immediately follow the cremation, or at a later date, or when the ashes are to be placed in the Barrow.

The crematorium will charge in the region of £1300, and catering costs and use of the Safari tent at Mid-England Barrow start at £425 including hot drinks. A local pub advertises buffet starting at £447.50 (excluding drinks), whilst outside caterers could be employed for slightly less at a local village hall. (Please note, there is no extra charge if ashes are placed at a later date at Mid-England Barrow, unless catering is required.)


Option 2.

Arrange a direct cremation, followed by a placement of ashes ceremony or memorial at a later date at Mid-England Barrow.                                    

Direct cremation costs start at £895. At Mid-England Barrow a celebration of life or ashes placement ceremony can be held, with drinks and catering for £425. Costs at a local pub, excluding drinks start at £447.50, with costs at a village hall being slightly lower.


Option 3.

Hold a service at Mid-England Barrow, with or without the coffin present, relocate to the crematorium for cremation, and return to Mid-England Barrow for the wake or celebration of life.


There will be no charge by Mid-England Barrow for holding the service at the Barrow. Otherwise charges will be as stated in option 2 above.

finished right.JPG

A perfect location for a funeral and to store ashes

Catering options:

  • Traditional sandwiches, tea and cakes

  • Hog Roast

  • Bacon Rolls

  • Picnic

All events can be open air (weather permitting), or taking advantage of our heated safari tent.

Please contact us for competitive prices and to discuss your needs. 

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Imagine a funeral celebration of life next to a wild flower meadow

Wild flower meadow …

Wild flower meadow …

Traditional tea & cakes …

Traditional tea & cakes …


our Rural safari tent funeral venue



Mid-England Barrow - An idyllic rural modern-day Round Barrow for the storage of cremation ashes as an alternative to Natural and Woodland Burial. We also provide a unique countryside Funeral venue.