What to do with Cremation Ashes.

Before the emergence of Modern-Day Round Barrows there were several choices as to what to do with cremation ashes, however, very few of these gave families the opportunity to not only visit the location of where the ashes may or may not have settled during scattering, but to actually be able to touch the urn, or even, feel as though the life lost is present at an event.

 One family I know, regularly visit ‘Granny’ who rests in one of the Barrows, and they carefully lift her urn from its niche, place it in a chosen grassy spot, and all enjoy a picnic together. 

sunset 2.JPG

This may not be everyone’s choice for remembering a loved one, but it may be the solution for families who are looking for a way to enable them to feel closer to the person they have lost. 

A recent visitor to the Barrow said he didn’t particularly think he would visit his Aunt in the Barrow, but he needed to know where she was. Until his visit to the Barrow, her ashes had remained for some time, with a Funeral Director, because ‘nowhere felt right.’ 

Mid-England Barrow can be for you whatever you want it to be, a meeting place for family and friends to truly feel close to that person, or just a named location, so family know exactly where their loved one is.